Suppon (soft-shelled turtle) on the run

When taking a walk in my neighborhood early in the morning, I saw two soft-shelled turtles. The first one was very big and quickly ran away as soon as it found me. The second one was not so big and was hiding in mud.

A soft-shelled turtle is called “sup-pon (すっぽん)” in Japanese. In Japan, a tool consisting of a stick with a rubber suction cup at one end is also called “sup-pon.” This is probably due to the similarity between the shapes of the former and the latter.

June 1 6:28

Soft-shelled turtle
I found a big soft-shelled turtle (Suppon in Japanese) in search of food in gutter when I was taking a walk in my neighborhood.

June 1 6:29

Soft-shelled turtle
The soft-shelled turtle has begun to run away toward the small bridge.

June 1 6:29

Soft-shelled turtle
It suceeded in taking refuge in the darkness under the bridge.

June 1 6:29

Soft-shelled turtle
A photograph taken on the opposite side of the darkness. The soft-shelled turtle was on the alert.

June 1 6:30

Soft-shelled turtle
The soft-shelled turtle was walking slowly under the tunnel.

June 1 6:32

Soft-shelled turtle
Finally, the soft-shelled turtle stopped and kept still. Then I quit watching it and left there.

June 1 6:34

Soft-shelled turtle
On my way home, I found another soft-shelled turtle staying in mud. Its face is so muddy and funny.

June 1 6:29


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