Peach Seed planted after removing its hard shell

We Japanese call peach simply as “Mo-mo.” Matured momo is very succulent and its pulp is fragile. So, peeling is very difficult. It is ideal that we don’t have to use kitchen knife and peels are removed manually. If The peaches are soft and mellow, it is possible to peel by hand.

We can harvest peach fruits from seedlings of peach trees, though seedlings of many fruits such as apple and persimmon don’t bear the same fruits as its parent fruits.

Incidentally, it is generally accepted that seedless peach cannot be produced because the shell that surrounds a core seed is composed of its pulp (ka-ni-ku, 果肉), unlike seedless grapes. Even if the almond nut-like seed inside hard shell is not produced, the hard shell is produced.

From eating to planting

Peach Hakutou
Peach Hakutou (白桃)

Peach peel
Peels of the peach were easily removed without using kitchen knife or Ho-cho (包丁)

Peach pulp
Pulps of Hakuto cut by Ho-cho

Peach pulp
This is a hard shell of peach seed.

Peach Seed
After 1 day.

Peach Seed
Edge of the shell is cut with nipper.

Peach Seed
A nut-like seed is contained inside the shell.

Peach Seed
The nut is very thin.

Peach Seed
A nut having stripes.

Peach Seed
Hard shell formed of pulp.

Peach Seed
The nut was put on the soil in planter.

Peach Seed in a planter
The shells are also put on the soil to utilize as nutrients.

Peach peel in a planter
Peels were also put in the planter.

Peach seed
Second seed with disassembled shell

Peach seed
A second seed

Peach seed in a planter
The second seed was planted similarly.


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