Record House Woodstock reopened on December 4, 2014

One of my favorite foreign musicians are The Beatles. When I was a junior high school student, I studied English hard to understand the meaning of The Beatles’ songs by myself. I collected LP records of The Beatles manufactured in Japan. But the sound of record disk made in Japan was said to be inferior to that of the original master tape made in UK. In principle, the sound of analogue tape deteriorates by reproducing. Therefore, I collected LP records made in UK. When I succeeded in getting UK version, I bought U.S. version. The shop where I started collecting these imported LP records was Woodstock in Kumamoto City. I started collecting when I was a freshman of Kumamoto University student in 1982. Sad to say, it suddenly announced to close on January, 2014. That really was too bad. But, luckily, after ten months, it moved into Suidocho and reopened on December 4, 2014. I go to the shop at least once a month to find rare LP records.

Record House Woodstock on June 17, 2016

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
A signboard of Woodstock. You can find it when walking on the sidewalk of National Route 3 near Suidocho crossing.
Address: Kanbido Building 3F, 2-11 Suidocho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto 860-0844

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
This is the stairway between the first floor and the second floor. Go upstairs.

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
This is the stairway between the second floor and the third floor. At the end of stairway, you will find the entrance of Woodstock.

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
There are sofas and restrooms.

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
There are some used records in front of the shop.

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
Woodstock is not only a secondhand record shop but tearoom.

Record House Woodstock in Kumamoto, Japan
There is a round table that must have been placed within a month because I couldn’t find it when I came here last month.

LP records of THE BEATLES 1 (2000) (right) and THE BEATLES 1 (2015) (left)
Some of my favorite LP records, THE BEATLES 1 (2000) (right) and THE BEATLES 1 (2015) (left). I bought the former here Woodstock and the latter online. The reason why I bought the same albums is to compare the sounds before and after remixing.


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